The Proven Roll Tarp System for Today’s Transportation Industry

Excellent quality, dependable, fast, attractive and economical to own make the EZ-LOC® Roll Tarp system an asset to your farm operation. Hand made in the heartland of America, we use galvanized hardware and powder coated parts to ensure years of service. Protecting your commodity every step of the way; the EZ-LOC Tarp System is an economical choice for your Semi Trailer, Pup Trailer, Farm Truck, Grain Cart, Grain Wagon, and more. This roll tarp system is also available in a stainless steel option.

EZ-LOC® Roll Tarp System is built with today’s Agricultural industry in mind

The EZ-LOC® Electric Tarp is available in up to 50’ lengths and is designed for for your Semi Trailer, Pup Trailer, Farm Truck, Grain Cart, Grain Wagon, and more. It includes a quick detach ridge strap tarp support system, galvanized end caps with a 7” or 12” rise, a built in wind deflector and a weather sealing rib. The system comes standard with durable 18 oz. double coated vinyl fabric available in various colors and a front and rear tarp return.


EZ-LOC Roll Tarp

Excellent quality, dependable, fast, attractive and economical to own make the EZ-LOC® Roll Tarp an asset to your farm operation. EZ-LOC® is a great value option for most farming applications.


  • 14" Deep End Caps
  • Exclusive Rope in Channel Tarp Attachment
  • High Quality Double Coated Tarp
  • Great Value with Lasting Quality
  • Works with ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion

Tubular Bows

Our quick release galvanized bows are easy to install and height adjustable for better tarp support.

*Stainless steel upgrade is available.
*Bows optional for semi trailers.

Front Bungee Return System

Front Bungee
Return System

Assists the operator with a pulling action for easier operation when closing the tarp. Tarp friendly, bungee attachment bracket.

EZ-LOC Tarp Attachment

2" Aluminum Roll Tube

Rust resistant and strong, yet lightweight to minimize tarp wear. Rope channel is a continuous tarp attachment creating uniform tension for a better fitting and longer lasting tarp.

Rear Return System

Manual Rear
Return Kit

Adding this optional kit to the rear of a manual tarp that has only a front tarp return will help maintain a tight and even roll at both ends.

U-Joint Info

Zinc Plated

Our heavy duty U-Joint has 21 splines for fine tuning tarp tension.

EZ-LOC Vinyl

Tarp Construction*

Welded 12” reinforced ends. Webbing reinforcements for added strength. Premium commercial grade, UV resistant 18 and 22 oz. vinyl fabric remains flexible at -40°.

*Available in stainless steel.

Ridge Straps

Ridge Strap

Our 1" standard ridge strap spans end to end across center of the bows. Provides extra support preventing tarp from sagging between bows.

Tarp Stop

Standard Fixed
Tarp Stops

Our standard fixed tarp stops are made from steel and secure the tarp to the trailer.
*Optional Quick Release Tarp Brackets.

End Caps Info

Custom End Caps*

Low profile wind deflector is hand and tarp friendly. Crimped standing seam is self-sealing, flexible with no welds to break. Integrated weather sealing rib.

*Available in stainless steel.

Crank Holder Info

Pinless Retainer*

Easy in, easy out release system saves time.

*Available in stainless steel.

Crank Handle

Adjustable Crank Handle

Our crank handle is model specific and adjusts to height of sidewalls.

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